Big Screen Soccer upstairs at Monnik

Watch matches and games upstairs and drink cheap(er) awesome beer.
Brian holton
January 4, 2024

As of late, a frequent topic of discussion in our manager meetings has revolved around how we can get more use out of our upstairs space. Although we do regularly have private parties upstairs, the space sits empty most of the time. A less-known fact is that we have a projector+big screen up there AND we have many friends, employees and patrons who like to watch football (both Euro and American). So why not show matches/games as often as we can (when they don't interfere with already-booked private parties). To kick things off, we will be showing several premier league matches Jan 13-15. Also we'll knock $1 off full pours of beer. And since our beer pairs well with matches, come out and cheer for your club! Schedule:

1/13/24 at 1230: Newcastle v Man City

1/14/24 at 1130: Man United v Tottenham

1/15/24 at 1445: Burnley v Luton Town