Beef, Brats, and Bacon: Now Made In House

Brian holton
March 8, 2024

Earlier this year, our Head Brewer and resident meat expert, Buddy, set out on a project to grind, case and cure our meats in-house. He started out by coming up with a custom grind for our burgers using sirloin and brisket fat. At the same time, he concocted a weisswurst for our bratwurst using whole cuts of shoulder and loin along with bacon trimmings (and no fillers). But those projects only whet buddy's appetite for house prepared meats. He wondered: why not also make our own bacon?! Buddy started with some local pork bellies and trimmed, cured (via dry rub), smoked, squared, and sliced em up. As usual, we are committed to using local ingredients, so the meat continues to be sourced from our good friends at Marksbury Farm Market. We are confident you will be happy with the results!